The Short List

By: Chanoch Redlich

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Well then.

Let’s say that you have a friend who was planning a bicycle trip with a couple of his buddies. One of these so called buddies suddenly cancels at the last minute. Apparently just two days before the flight, this guy broke his clavicle and three teeth while trying to show off his skills on a bike ramp. He must have forgotten that he didn’t really know how to jump. Or land for that matter. Your friend proposes that you fill in for his injured (idiotic) buddy. You like the idea – but this means that you have less than 48 hours to prepare. Something about riding in the Swiss Alps charms you in particular, especially now that you’ve bought that specialized red Windbreaker coat, the one that goes perfectly with your helmet, shoes, bike, rear suspension, steering components and with the Rebound mechanism on the breaks. Goes uber-well. Oh yeah, the bike’s just been in for some routine maintenance. Better than this it cannot get, all that’s left is to pack.

I will now propose a short list of equipment for the hurried cyclist:

Bicycle – Forget about it! No reason to bring with, there are rental shops there with everything under the sun. And besides, there’s nothing like a rented bike for when you really want to go wild.

Spare parts – chain, tires, pedals, break pads… forget about it! Everything you need can be found in the rental shop.

Emergency tools – Multi-tool, mini-pump and spare inner-tires. That’s what friends are for!

Helmet, goggles and gloves – Waste of precious luggage space! Pass!

Nice clothes for going out – Let’s not fool ourselves. After a long day of riding who has the energy for partying? Anyways you can drink a cold beer in the most minimal attire, can’t you? In fact, it probably tastes better to drink when wearing as little as possible.

When I think about it there are probably only two things the hurried cyclist needs to bring with on a spontaneous trip to the Swiss Alps:

Riding shoes – cause you can’t do without your own personal pair of shoes.

Red Windbreaker – cause no matter where you go or what you do, color coordination is a must!

Get it? Got it? Good! I’m ready to go, how about you?

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