Our Experts

MTBSuisse has recruited some of the best cyclists and tour guides in the area to lead our biking tours. They know the area like the back of their hands and will share the excitement with you.


Alain Darbellay

Alain is a true La Fouly native. His family has been in the area for generations and Alain knows everything there is to know and everyone worth knowing. You’ll often find Alain at the head of tour group as he is considered a premier mountain guide, one of the best in the area. Among his friends he is fondly known by the nickname “the mountain goat”, which should give you an idea of his skills as a mountain hiker and biker. A true La Fouly patriot, Alain manages the local ski station during the winter season and the camping site during the summer. 

Florian Golay (“Flo”)

Flo is, simply put, one of the best riders and bike persons we’ve ever seen. The guy is an expert in everything that’s bicycle – from riding to fixing and from guiding to competitive cycling, and he’s an extremely talented freerider. Flo, 32 years old, has been riding in the Valais ever since he was a kid, and started his racing carrier as a road rider at 14. At the age of 19, Flo has decided to abandon road cycling and move to “the good side of the slope – downhill”. These days Flo takes part mostly in Super Enduro races, and is rated among the top 5 in Europe . Flo’s main passion today goes to his shop, CrossRoadCycles that he and his friend Phil opened in Martigny – a beautiful 2 story bicycle shopping heaven and workshop that sells all kinds of bikes and equipment – from road to downhill, for all ages.


Guy Lugrin

Guy Lugrin, was born in Switzerland, he is married and has 1 daughter. Guy is a mountain biking guide and a bikes mechanic. Guy has an impressive record as a professional biker. He started to race in 1990 on the European Cross Country Cup in Chateau d’Oex, where he won in the Junior sector. He finished 3rd in the Downhill Junior Swiss Cup, and 1st in the amateur Swiss Cup Downhill finals. For 3 years he participated in downhill and enduro races and won a few times.

He is currently a mechanic for a professional team of Swiss cross-country. He also guides biking trip in Switzerland and other countries such as Peru, Canary Islands and Morocco.