St. Bernard

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Do you know this wonderful creature name St. Bernard?

The one you just cannot stop petting?

The one you want to snuggle with?

This huge dog considered to have great rescue skills, Was named after a Swiss monk, that built a shelter for travelers who crossed the Swiss Alps.

The most famous St. Bernard dog (other than the one played in Beethoven film) is Barry.

Barry, according to foreign publications, rescued about 40 people and is considered a national hero is Switzerland.

But,  St. Bernard is not only a dog (actually the dog arrived much later to the Swiss Alps), St. Bernard is the most ancient pass in the Swiss Alps. Its altitude is 2469 Meters and it connects the 2 of the highest Alps summits, The Mont Blanc and the Monte Rosa, and as you guessed, it connects Switzerland and Italy

So after this long introduction…

When you’ll sign up to our riding vacation, you will meet, face to face, with this magnificent dog, that is lying near the pass and is just waiting for your love and affection.

And to challenge you, that day you will climb 650 meters and  drop of 900 meters in routs that combine singles , AM and technical rids while viewing  the Swiss and the Italian Alps.

Actually – everything you look for in a riding and cycling  vacation.

Do you want to meet the dog …

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