Blondes or Blacks The Eternal Argument

By: Zeevi

Val Ferret is a magical valley populated by a number of small hamlets. The populace is mostly farmers who raise, amongst other things, cattle.

Cattle raising is considered a serious business in the valley, where centuries-old traditions carefully guide the production of their first-rate milk and excellent Swiss cheeses.

Traditionally the cattle raised in the valley are from a specific species of an Alpine climbing black cow known to reach altitudes of 2,300 meters to find fresh pasture. It is a highly-intelligent, nimble, resilient species and yet it is also hip to the latest trends in Trychel (Swiss cow bells) runway fashion.

However the last few years the valley has seen the introduction of numerous white cows – Blondes. This particular species is originally from the German-speaking northern regions of Switzerland. If you’ll recall, our valley is part of a canton where French is spoken, a language that the Blacks have been speaking well for many generations.

According to the local farmers, the whites are fat and lazy – they don’t speak French, don’t climb the mountains very well and aren’t very smart. Except that to the farmers’ dismay, while the Blondes certainly are stupid they put out more milk.

So that’s how we find that even in our magical valley the eternal argument pitting stupid Blondes who put out a lot against sporty and nimble, hard-to get Blacks rages on.

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