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While everyone else is busy planning their next vacation in frozen Europe, I’ve already got my sights set on the summer.

In the past whenever I craved a bit of peace and quiet (or least as much peace and quiet possible with 3 little munchkins running between your legs), I would pack my family off to the nearest CLUB for a vacation full of well-deserved relaxation and great food.
The saints among us plan activity-packed vacations full of attractions and afterwards need another two-week vacation (this time sans children) to recuperate.

Over the last few years my increasing interest in health, quality of life, mountain biking and jogging have all brought me to mountain biking vacations in Switzerland.

Biking vacations are different from most other types of vacations in that there is no R&R nor any poolside/seaside frolicking. Instead, the vacation offers large doses of Alpine peaks, clean air, turquoise lakes and bike paths.

Last year I went on a biking vacation in Switzerland and stayed with Sivan and Amitai at the village of La Fouly.

The biking vacation was suitable for hard-core riders and families (although I hid that last part of the sentence from my wife) and started at the Bike Hotel with MTBSuisse’s unique and warm hospitality. Well thought-out and extremely pampering, MTBSuisse took care of everything (imagine a feast fit for a bicyclist waiting at the end of a long, hard ride) and ensured that even the smallest of details was elegantly handled.

This year my wife decided to come along (with the  kids…), and as luck would have it MTBSuisse also organizes amazing vacations for the entire family. They’ll enjoy the local attractions while I ride my heart out!

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