Raclette, mountain biking and wine

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We’ll start with a short review on Raclette.

Raclette is an amazingly tasty Swiss dish based on the high-quality Swiss cheese of the same name.
Like most good things, the delicacy’s name has roots in French – it means to scrape.
The most common way to prepare the food is to warm it up over an open flame or use special appliances.
Traditionally shepherds would pack home-made Raclette cheese to eat while moving their herds through the mountain pastures.
During the evenings they would warm the cheese by the open campfire. Once the cheese had warmed to a soft creamy texture, the shepherds would “scrape” it over a piece of bread.
Raclette is traditionally accompanied by potatoes, cucumbers and pickled onions; the non-Kosher minded can enjoy it with a good dried meat like prosciutto.

In our district, the canton of Valais in the Ferret valley, the dish is usually served with tea and other hot drinks. A good white wine from one of the canton’s excellent local boutique wineries is another way to go.

So what does Raclette have to do with off-road mountain biking?

Imagine an unforgettable day of biking through the amazing scenery of La Fouly in the Ferret valley where you’ll burn enough calories to enjoy a guilt-free Raclette feast splendidly hosted by MTBSuisse and the Tafla family.

And with wine-contests?

We’d love to hear about your tips and recipes for Raclette and your other favorite Swiss foods. Recommendations on the perfect wine to accompany Raclette would also be great.

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