Flower Riding

By: Zeevi

May 6, 2010 (FR) 0 comments Category:Swiss Culture, Tips for the traveller

Travelers on their way to ride bikes in the Swiss Alps usually have their trip planned out. Their plans often include exotic trips like riding along the edge of 2800 meter high (and more) glaciers… steep, windy descents down narrow mountain paths which are hardly suitable for hikers, breathtaking views and lots of fresh air brimming with oxygen to which one can become addicted. The lungs simply cannot get enough of the crisp, clean air.

However –

I suggest you take at least half a day for “Flower Riding” and “Gathering Fruits” (great for keeping your belly full…). I guess I just put my foot in my mouth? You must be nodding your head, filled with pity and whispering about the crazy man – what do we tough bike riders have to do with flowers and fruits?

Well for those of you who don’t know the Swiss Alps are filled with thousands of species of flowers during the summer months, some of them quite rare. Most of these flowers can be found at heights ranging from 400 to 2500 meters, with different flowers prevalent at different heights. The only way to discover all the different kinds is by bike or by a tough hike up the mountain.

Those of you who haven’t yet experienced the unparalleled joy of finding the LIS-MARTAGON or the SABOT DE VENUS don’t know what it’s like to feel a real bond with nature. These flowers can be found in a hidden valley, beside a tiny lake filled with melted snow water. The water is completely transparent and the lake is surrounded by an amazing array of colors, shapes and smells that bring paradise to mind.

My fellow bicyclists please consider adding a day for “Flower Riding and Fruit Gathering”. It’s great as an outing for the whole family, especially if you take your time and bring a bottle of wine along.

Don’t forget –

Just like in the fairy tales you should bring along a straw basket and fill it with delicious fruit that you can pick along the way. I’m talking about strawberries, red raspberries, and black raspberries. Tastes just as sweet as you remember from your childhood. If possible try to refrain from eating them on the spot – much better to save them for vanilla ice cream. The food of angels. And of course the “Mirreti” as the locals call it, which for our intents and purposes means cranberries. The favorite food of the world famous grizzly bears. Those bears sure know about the good things in life…

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