The Itch

By: Chanoch Redlich

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The “itch” starts with a funny feeling in the stomach. You can’t really define whether it’s pleasant or annoying, but there definitely is something there. It sort of feels like a bottle that’s been filled to the brim and is about to explode. Even after riding bikes for years, in every nook and cranny in the country, through mountains and green pastures (in the right season) and between the peaks of desert mountains I still feel it.

Every once in a while this “itchy” feeling starts in my stomach. The feeling of being stuck within the boundaries of my country, stuck with the well-known bike paths I’ve seen so many times before – stuck with the oh so well-organized single paths that I’ve rode so many times.

The moment I realize where the feeling is coming from is the same moment that I make my decision – and all I have to do now is smile. You want to ride on mountains you’ve never climbed and breathe new air, fresh, different.

You want to take a bicycle and ride in places that remind you of those postcards you used to get from your far-away uncle, the ones which got you so excited as a little child and were embedded deep in your heart. And then the preparations begin…

What catches your fancy? Bikes, friends, paths, adrenaline, experiences. Maybe you’ll even take the family along…

Different dates get thrown in the air, and spare parts are purchased in stores. Moving boxes start filling up the back of your car and you soon feel the exhilaration of a man about to ride off into the unknown.

You surf the web and gaze at the pictures of the views you’re about to ride through, and you already feel that your heart is filling up. The “itch” is being scratched… oh the relief. You are going off on a bike vacation in the Swiss Alps. Lucky bastard…

The path starts here.

This is the first post of many which will deal with journeys, traveling and preparation for cycling in foreign countries. But that’s not the only thing that this blog is about. It’s also about everything that goes along with cycling culture, and the experiences of riding at home and anywhere else.

Let’s get going.

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