Swiss Beauty Pageants

By: Zeevi

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Mirror mirror on the wall who’s the cutest cow of them all?

Swiss beauty pageants are a big deal. Once a year, usually towards the end of the summer, all of the local farmers get together and have a pageant to find the most beautiful cow among the herds. For weeks leading up to the contest, the farmers spare no effort on their choice cows. They go all out – we’re talking about manicures, pedicures, hair dyes, blow drying and to top it all off they usually get an impressive bell to hand around their cows’ necks.

For the period leading up to the pageant the cows turn into ultra-sensitive prima donnas, turning any sort of discourse with them into a decidedly unpleasant experience that is usually concluded with a huge MOOOOO on their part. It’s as though with their grunt, the cows are saying “leave me alone already, can’t you see that right now I’m busy with more important things!”

On the fateful day all the farmers get together in their picturesque village at the edge of the valley. All of the pageant contestant march down the main street in their Sunday finest, made up with flowers and other decorations.

The pageant winner’s owners are treated to a great deal of respect from the local townspeople. If that weren’t enough, the cow’s picture is put up in the local post office and the owners get an all expense paid vacation to the Maldives.

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