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By: Amitai Tafla

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The details haven’t been finalized yet but I still wanted to tell you that we’ve almost reached the peak. No, not in the Alps. Actually, yes in the Alps but not a mountain peak rather an adrenaline peak.

We’ve just met with the Swiss helicopter company. You know, the kind that flies clients to business meetings, takes tourists on tours of the famous peaks and even drops the more adventurous clients off in the virgin high mountains, the kind of place where only eagles usually get to. From the middle of nowhere these clients make their way down the mountain by skiing down some never ending slopes to the village or pickup spot. We asked them if they would be willing to do something similar for us – just in the summer and with mountain bikes… they were dumbfounded but nodded. We went off to look at some suitable helicopters and scouted out a few options for landing spots… and just like that we had ourselves a pilot project! We’ve got to make sure it’s fun enough to sell before we can market it – a tough job but someone’s got to do it…

The idea is definitely exciting…. Meeting up at the helipad, loading the bikes onto the helicopters and up up and away we’re off… flying to the landing spot while trying not to faint from the unbelievable views along the way. We unload the bikes… organize our equipment… take a deep breath… and just like that we’re going headlong down the mountain on what turns out to be the most awesome bike ride of our lives!!!

Don’t worry my friends, when all the last details have been arranged you too will be able to experience something similar to what you’ll see in this clip. Heli Biking

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