Changing Lanes

By: Sivan Tafla

January 27, 2010 (FR) 0 comments Category:Behind the Scenes (FR) Tags:,

From the fast Lane to the bike lane…

It’s unbelievable, in the last 10 years I haven’t taken a single break. Kind of like driving 150 down the middle of a 3 lane highway with no brakes and no steering. From the window of the kitchen I catch a glimpse of the Mt. Blanc mountain ridges right in front of my parents’ picturesque chalet.

A thought crosses my mind – everything is for the best, maybe it was good that the startup where I had been working for the last couple of years went belly up a few weeks ago.

Another thought – my eldest daughter Stav is already 13 and little Gilad isn’t so little anymore at the age of 6.

I remember giving birth to him while I was negotiating the sale of my first company. And Omri is already ten years old…

The soothing sound of the bells which hang from the Swiss cows comes in through the window and reminds me of that 1937 movie Heidi. I try to focus my thoughts and think to myself that turning down the offer to start working at another technology startup was the right decision. While it’s true that I’m addicted to the thrill, lately I feel that I’m getting a bit sick of the grind of life in the fast lane. A to make nother distracting thought, the amazing smell of the Alpine flowers coming in through the window, must have inspired me because I suddenly felt enlightened, like when a light bulb turns on above a cartoon’s head. I must have said something out loud because suddenly Amitai my husband was looking at me with concern in his eyes and asking me what was wrong. I answered, “I’m going to open a hotel for bikers in Switzerland”, which momentarily shut him up. “What’s going on with you? Have you gone mad? Usually you can’t even be bothered to talk about bikes without getting into an argument and suddenly you want to open a hotel for bikers?” I answer him but he just gives me a funny look and quietly leaves the room. I go back to making soup and find myself day dreaming about my idea – making food for friends, the gorgeous vistas of the Swiss Alps, pampering our biker guests with gourmet meals, planning challenging rides and day trips for families, buying all the tasty cheeses and wines…

Suddenly I feel full of energy – I need to start planning!

Balancing a budget… administration costs… funding.. investors.. suppliers.. overhead costs…

Wait a minute – Why do I feel like I’m in a startup again?

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